Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 pieces of advice for highschool

I'm back from my holidays at the beach and right now I have this back-to-school feeling (between sadness and excitement) which makes me watch 'teen trashy movies' as Mean Girls. Which I have watched 469846398 times and inspired me to share with you some advice / things I wish I was told when I started highschool. I have combined images with quotes which I think somehow have to do with my advice.
1. Be confident and trust yourself.  There is nothing wrong with self-esteem and loving yourself. You have the right to feel pretty and be humble at the same time. Confidence is not the same as vanity.

2. Life is not about being pretty. We all can have complexes but why don't you focuse on your pros? Worrying about our appearance or complexes won't solve anything but will add more problems. You will be more charming being natural rather than wearing make-up. 'What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness' Leo Tolstoy
3. Can you be classy, please? First of all, you are not going to be more popular or better showing your boobs or your humps. Years later, you may regret pretending to be a slut.
4. Why don't you focuse on improving rather than criticizing the others? Well I think the quote itself is a great advice.
5. Be yourself! People are so afraid of those who are themselves, they are jealous and that is because they admire them... Dare to do what you think it's correct, you will find people who are really worthy.
6. Sometimes cute and goodloking people may intimidate us. That is funny, you just have to know that plenty of people feel the same, even them! idk, maybe a handsome boy talks to you and suddenly the retarded mode is on. But keep always in mind that you have the same effect on others... (;
7. Keep this quote always in mind... Whenever you are watching others being harmed, try to help (you can do so much for other in so many different ways) Not being bad doesn't mean you are good.
8. Sad but true. Sometimes we surround ourselves of people who don't want the best for us, those persons are not friends. Keep yourself away from frenemies, because they can get to know things that will hurt you more than someone calling you "slut" or "dickhead".
9.I have not being bullied, neither I have bulied someone. But if you are going through something similar, don't be afraid to tell anyone, there's plenty of people who would like to help you. Also, probably not only you are bullied, but others... You should join forces with others, sometimes "bullies" think they are loved but the truth is that most of the people hate them.
10. This one is pretty simple: "If you are looking for the love of you live, stop. They will be waiting for you when you stat doing the things you love." Don't be afraid of being smart, or being funny, or sometimes being ridiculous... Don't you think it would be very sad pretending to be someone else in order for a person to like you?

Ok, so this is the end... I have so much things to say about this... But I don't know if for you it made any sense... Anyways, I am really interested on knowing what do you think of highschool life and telling me about highschool experiences or sharing any piece of advice,
 please leave your opinion on the comments below. I will reply!


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  2. This is one of the best things I;ve ever read in connection with back to school! Oh wow!
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  3. Great tips! I should have put into practice them in the past. Regards!

  4. i love this movie so much! :)
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